NCC Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility :

for National Cement Company (NCC):
  • “Corporate Social Responsibility" is one of the outstanding modern concepts in the world of business and industries. Companies and corporations of the private sector play a very core and essential role in the development process, a matter which is proved and confirmed by the great level of successes achieved by developed economies.
  • NCC bears and exercises its social responsibility by relying on and adhering to its management philosophy and values enshrined by the values and principles of Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies (HSA).
  • By fulfilling and shouldering its social responsibility, NCC does not intend to offer charity nor carry out any sort of promotional activities. But by doing so, it realizes that it is committed to respond to community and environmental concerns resulting from the nature of its operations and must remain as the leading and pioneering company in the field of cement production and marketing.
  • With a sense of being part of the community, the National Cement Company is fully aware of not only expanding its production activities but also to share and address the concerns of the community and the environment. It further realizes that it must take into account the three pillars of sustainable development defined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as ( economic growth, social progress and the protection of the environment).
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Fundamentals :

NCC social responsibility is realized in the Company's commitment to:
  • Fulfill its ongoing obligations; this is through doing its work by following moral values in accordance with the set local and international environmental standards and guidelines.
  • Contribute to the achievement of an overall socio-economic development as prescribed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (i.e. economic growth, social progress and the protection of the environment).
  • Participate in the urban-based or constructional development taking place in Yemen at the level of giant infrastructure projects. These include ambitious housing projects such as the construction of residential cities or any other projects implemented by the state contracting firms like bridges, giant roads, and governmental owned buildings.
  • Help in reducing the rate of unemployment by creating direct and indirect job opportunities for Yemeni workforce; recruitment priorities would be given to the natives of the neighboring areas nearby the Company's site.
  • Improve the quality of NCC's staff living conditions and their families. The same holds true with regards to the local community of the neighboring areas nearby the Company's location. This is through supporting the activities of public and local private institutions geared for protecting the environment and promoting environmental awareness in the community.

Exercising Corporate Social Responsibility for Achieving Economic Development:

The NCC undertakes to actively participate in enhancing and augmenting the economic development through exerting concerted effort to:
  • Contribute effectively and efficiently in motivate building and construction activity in Yemen through providing the local markets with high quality cement products (ordinary cement products; salt-resistant cement products; and Pozzolana cement products) in the form of bagged and / or bulk cement. The products are made in accordance with the highest international quality specifications followed in the cement industry and the US and European specifications.
  • Make our cement products available in various cities and regions of Yemeni Governorates in very affordable prices by different market segments.
  • Urge and assist in stabilizing cement product prices in the local market.
  • Assist in making foreign currency available in the country through bettering the process of exporting NCC cement products and decreasing cement imports by prioritizing our sales targets for local domestic markets.
  • Create jobs opportunities for Yemeni labor force; since the date of its business commencement, the Company has provided more than 3000 direct and indirect jobs. It takes in consideration that recruitment priorities should be given to the natives of the neighboring and surrounding areas nearby the Company's site. More than 1,000 direct jobs are currently offered by NCC.
  • Establish and build service projects for the natives of the areas surrounding the Company site; these include schools, health and water projects.
  • Support governmental agencies' revenues in accordance with relevant applicable laws. This is by paying:
    • Income and sales taxes according to the laws governing taxation.
    • Improvement fees for the districts of Lahj Governorate in which the National Cement Company's plant is located.
    • Improvement fees for the governorates in which our cement products are distributed and sold.
    • Fees for Youth and Sports Activity.
    • Fees for Heritage and Culture Conservation Fund.
    • Fees for Training and Young Fund.

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Exercizing Corporate Social Responsibility towards the Natives of the NCC Neighboring and Surrounding Areas :

The Company is seriously doing its best to serve the whole Yemeni society in general and the local communities surrounding its site in particular. To improving the quality of public life, NCC intends to:
  • Support and implement activities and projects and deliver public services of a great benefit to the natives of NCC surrounding areas; these include for instance health units, schools, and clean drinking water projects, etc.
  • Give recruitment priorities to the natives of the neighboring areas as they constitute approximately 70% of the Company's direct staffing.
  • Offer in-kind support as well as sponsor and finance student and youth functions and events ( sports, education, etc).
  • Support and promote public and local private and community-based institutions and organizations operating in raising public awareness in areas such as health, environment, education, sports etc.).
  • Give university students and those studying in technical and vocational institutes the opportunity for application and training in NCC various production and technical facilities.
  • Sponsor and finance student and youth functions and events ( such as sports activities, competitions, creativity tournaments, ect.)
  • Offer financial and in-kind assistance and services to members and households of the natives the natives of the neighboring and surrounding areas nearby the Company's site.

Exercising Corporate Social Responsibility towards the Environment :

  • When designing and then construction of its plant and production lines, the Company emphasized the notion of caring for a full protection of the environment as per the World Bank's specifications.
  • The Company invested a great deal of cash in constructing a standard and integrated filtering system for better filtration, dust retention and protection the air from emissions associated with the production operations of the plant in accordance with WB followed standards ( NCC as an eco-friendly company).
  • The Company coordinates with the relevant official agencies entrusted with protecting the environment. It morally complies with all the standards guidelines, and restrictions applied and set by these authorities and agencies for the sake of conserving and protecting the environment.
  • The Company commits itself to administratively operate in conformity with moral values stipulated by set local and international environmental standards when carrying out its production and technical activities inside or outside its site and location. This is by providing and applying pollution detectors, and using monitoring and diagnosing devices of all NCC operations that may bring about harmful impacts on the environment in general and to the locales surrounding the Company.
  • The Company allocated part of the total area of its site to be used and reserved as a locality with natural conditions for the breeding and existence of various types of wild animals, birds, land & aquatic reptiles. (It is worth noting that unlike other industrial and manufacturing companies, NCC was the first to take this unique and spectacular initiative).
  • The Company provides all sorts of support to public and local private institutions and agencies whose activities are directed and conducive for saving, protecting, and conserving the environment and promoting environmental and health awareness among community members and various segments.
  • Planting the areas surrounding the cement factory with various plants, grass, bushes, flowers, etc. is aimed to refresh and purify the air, provide oxygen and reduce the high temperature dominating NCC site.
  • Main and secondary roads and paths leading to the Company were asphalted.
    • Water is sprayed on unpaved dirt roads that connect some of NCC production sites together in order to prevent dusting from flying all over because of walking or driving cars on these roads. Water is also sprayed on the crushing and grounding operations and open production sites in order to prevent the emission of particulate components such as dust during cement production operations.
    • Waste produced from production, management and technical operations is handled and treated in accordance with approved local and international environmental standards and guidelines.
    • Lakes and waterfalls were created at the company's site in order to reduce the hot temperature of the site.