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National Cement Company (NCC)

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The National Cement Company (NCC), founded within 2006-2008, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies (HSA)—the most deeply rooted and pioneering economic, industrial and commercial group in the Republic of Yemen. As the first privately owned company operating in cement manufacturing and production in Yemen, NCC has always contributed and would continue to contribute effectively in affecting a sustainable development for our homeland.

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Human Resources - Our Approach :

We are fully aware that investing in human resources is the real successful investment, as it represents the basis for every economic process and the main supporter for achieving the company’s strategic goals. Therefore, we have sought to:

  • Attracting the best elements that represent the cornerstone of the recruitment system for continued success.
  • Providing an appropriate work environment that encourages creativity and teamwork in a team spirit.
  • Communication with both sides between the administrative levels is one of the ingredients for the success of the work.

The human staff:

The number of workers and employees of the company is approximately 1,000 Yemeni workers, who are grafted with foreign expertise in the production and technical fields.

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Training - Our Programs :

In terms of the training strategy, we have implemented many diverse training programs that meet the needs and take into account diversity in that, whether through the quality of programs or training centers implemented inside or outside Yemen, and then dealing with them using the best training experts, including, but not limited to:

  • Developing the brightening and leadership skills Daoud Al-Hadabi
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human resources - serving our employees :

We at the National Cement Company have taken care to provide many services and advantages to our workers, in order to help them mobilize their concerns and intensify their efforts to serve the work, Including, for example, but not limited to:

  • Providing a comprehensive medical care service for the worker.
  • Social Solidarity Fund Aid.
  • Granting attractive and motivating salaries and allowances.
  • Medical service for the families of the workers.
  • Internal accommodation for employees.
  • Restaurant and medical clinic operate 24 hours.
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Our vision :

We realize that our success will not continue unless we attract the best qualified human elements.

So if you are an ambitious and talented person and have personal and professional capabilities and skills that qualify you to join us, do not hesitate to visit the site and fill out the CV form to be ready to join us at the perfect time and be a participant with us in the future success.

Our workers and employees :

They are the most valuable thing that the company owns, so we are working on making our company the best choice for them through :

  • Providing an appropriate work environment that enables our employees to excel and contribute to the company's development and growth.
  • Providing training and development opportunities to raise their professional levels and enhance their career development opportunities.
  • Every employee gets the appreciation he deserves and feels proud of the accomplishments he achieves.
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Training - Our Philosophy :

We have put in mind that training and development for our cadres is one of the most important human resources strategies, as it develops their technical and administrative skills and reduces the gap between need and practical reality. So that training is one of the important steps for the worker to ascend the career advancement ladder.

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