Green buildings

Green buildings

Pozzolanic Cement

Why do you need eco-friendly building materials? :

Green buildings in Dubai, starting from the year 2008, after the Dubai government finally approved the application of strict environmental standards for modern buildings, starting from the beginning of January 2012. As the Emirate of Dubai will be the first in the Arab world to implement these environmental standards, which will bring it and its modern buildings to the world of green buildings.

The story of green buildings is not new in the world, although it is also in the Arab world and the Gulf states. Most American cities, such as Boston, Seattle, New York, and Chicago, are obliged to obtain prior approval before constructing any multi-storey buildings.

The concept of sustainable green building becomes more and more an urgent necessity for companies in the Middle East, as they seek to preserve environmental resources, and while construction activity is increasing in the region, embracing this concept will spread remarkably.” The green building project, which Dubai will implement on all its buildings, aims From villas, residential and office towers and all other types of buildings, to saving electricity consumption in general and energy used for cooling, lighting and water heating in particular.

In addition, it will contribute to rationalizing water consumption, which will reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of the indoor environment and the air in the home, thus improving community health, increasing the life span of buildings and preserving the ecosystem, which ultimately leads to raising productivity and supporting the economy in various sectors.

Green buildings . in Dubai:.

Applying green standards to Dubai buildings, in changing the mechanism in which the real estate sector is managed, which will enter a new line of investment through the application of green buildings. If expectations about the amount of amounts invested in this nascent sector are still far from being achieved, one look at the size of the huge investments coming to Dubai, gives an idea of ​​huge investments in billions of dollars, and “Environment, Health and Safety” has decided to create a new category for those committed to green building standards, add to its award categories for the year 2008 to honor the distinguished in this field. In the context of energy conservation, regulations require that residential building developers provide infrastructure and support programs to facilitate shared use of vehicles such as car parks, drop-off areas, and mass transit services.

It is noteworthy that last October 2012, the President and Prime Minister of the State, in his capacity as the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, issued a decision to apply the "green building" standards to all buildings and facilities in the Emirate of Dubai. The decision of the Ruler of Dubai stated that the owners and owners of residential and commercial buildings and various facilities must adhere to the application of this decision in accordance with the best international environmentally friendly standards, which are in line with the local reality of the Emirate of Dubai, “in order for it to remain a healthy city that follows the highest standards of sustainable development and has a clean and empty environment.” of pollutants. This decision places Dubai among the first cities in the Middle East and one of the few cities in the world that follow a green strategy in investing in the implementation of new projects through the specifications of completely new green buildings in the Arab region, with the choice of pozzolanic cement or pozzolanic source to reduce carbon emissions as a result of burning fuel according to the requirements of the World Council For green buildings, the pozzolanic used in green buildings must be local and not imported. One of the advantages of using pozzolanic cement is to increase the pozzolanic reaction, the cohesion of particles, the lack of porosity and permeability, which reduces the penetration of salts and acids, reduces maintenance costs, increases the life span, and contributes to reducing global warming.

International scientific conference for the manufacture of pozzolanic cement.. in Aden :.

The Saudi Green Building Council presented its experience in the first International Conference on Environmentally Friendly Cement, which was held in Aden Governorate, Republic of Yemen, in coordination with the National Cement Company, where the Council participated with a delegation of specialists in the field of green buildings.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Hajj Hussein, a member of the Board of Directors and a specialist in green concrete, explained that this conference is an important occasion in the field of preserving the environment through the use of environmentally friendly materials, and that the Council presented its experience to the brothers in brotherly Yemen about green concrete, especially that Yemen has more than 500 mountains. Volcanic can be used in concrete to achieve the basic elements of cost saving, strength of concrete and most importantly, it is environmentally friendly due to the use of volcanic rock in it.

A call to transform into green buildings. . To reduce construction costs :.

To reduce the cost of portland pozzolanic cement compared to ordinary portland cement, to reduce the total cost of the building, and the use of pozzolanic gravel works to save water in agriculture around green buildings, all laws, legislation and international treaties such as the Kyoto Protocol in Japan 1997, the Rio Protocol 2012 and the recommendations of the International Concrete Institute) ACI), the Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) and the North American Cement Association (PCA),

Finally, the recommendations of the World Green Building Council (USGBC) and others and work to transfer these modern technologies and apply them all in green buildings in most government and private projects in Dubai, the Middle East and other countries of the world The use of natural or industrial pozzolana in the manufacture of building materials, especially in cement, concrete, bricks and blocks The tiles and thermal insulation give the building many green points in terms of using renewable sources of energy.

Use of pozzolanic concrete. . in giant projects:.

One of the most important and last characteristics of green buildings is to increase the life span of the building, such as (Roman and Greek buildings), in which the natural pozzolana material was used from ash or volcanic rocks by up to 70% with limestone by 30%, and some of them still remain until now, such as, the city of Petra in Jordan and the Citadel of Tripoli In Lebanon, the Calcium Building in Italy, the Coliseum in Tunisia and other buildings built by the Romans in Spain, France, Turkey, North Africa and the Mediterranean islands 2000 years ago and still in good condition.

One of the most important and first projects that were implemented with green (environmentally friendly) cement is the King Fahd Causeway project, which links Bahrain with the east of the Kingdom, which was completed in 1980 AD. The largest amount of green cement in the history of Saudi Arabia, where pozzolanic cement was used.